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The Medford Chamber of Commerce is pleased to provide

the 2014-2015 Directory to the Medford community.

The Medford Chamber of Commerce has been serving the

Medford community since 1926. The overall focus of the

Medford Chamber of Commerce is to assure progressive,

orderly community development that creates a favorable

climate for new and existing businesses. The chamber

brings together the area’s business leaders to identify

and analyze issues facing the local business community. By working with its members

to propose solutions and providing access to government officials, the chamber also

plays a key role in resolving current or potential issues.

The Medford Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to its members. Our Board of Directors

is comprised of volunteers who work for the benefit of the community as a whole. We are

an advocate and resource for local businesses, a community partner focused on business

development, and an activist for supporting and promoting buying locally. When you are

a member of our organization, you join a team of dedicated to making sure your business

has the tools necessary to thrive in our community.

As the Executive Director of the Medford Chamber of Commerce, I hope that you find this

directory useful tool and it will help you when deciding to contact a business for services.

To become a member or to learn more about the Chamber, please visit us at www.


Jodie Coyne

Executive Director

Medford Chamber of Commerce

The 2014-2016 Medford Chamber’s Local

Business Guide was published as a service to

the Medford Chamber of Commerce by Chamber

Profiles (a division of Indie Owned, LLC). The Guide was mailed, free of charge, to every home in Medford, MA

in January 2014 and can be found online at


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